The avant-garde in extrusion

Alphamac is the avant-garde in the design of machines for fluid packaging, an innovative approach and a different vision of the design and construction of extrusion and blow-moulding systems, which aims to anticipate customer needs and to meet the demand of the present and the immediate future.

Alphamac is a new born in the industry, but with a strong DNA in the field of extrusion blow-moulding. The strength of Alphamac lies in the people, a highly specialized team with a complete and extensive knowledge of extrusion and blow-moulding technologies, raw materials and plastic packaging production processes.

The experience in creating complete packaging lines for fluid products allows Alphamac to present itself to the market as a new player, immediately highly competent and competitive.

The avant-garde in technologies flexibility sustainability

A new industrial model

The best competences in every process phase

Starting from the business model, Alphamac differs from existing industries. A streamlined structure which includes the highest value activities, internally preserving the company’s know-how and coordinating a network of partners for the management of outsourced production activities. This industry model allows us to be extremely flexible and efficient, ensuring maximum competence in every phase of the process thanks to the collaboration of specialized companies in the management of no-core activities.

Our partners are focused on the world of automatic machines and their geographical proximity to Alphamac headquarters allows a constant cooperation and verification of operations.

Flexibility | Efficiency | Utmost competence

Customer centricity

Alphamac has put the customer at the centre of its work, not only proposing to respond to the perceived needs, but anticipating the solutions to problems not yet present thanks to a proactive approach.

The machine, starting from the bottle

Alphamac designs and manufactures cutting-edge machines, from a technical and functional point of view, starting from the design of the bottle which at the end is its final product.

Alphamac technology

Simplicity as a goal

Simple and robust mechanics, with solutions set to simplify maintenance, consisting of the minimum number of parts, all subjected to FEM at the time of design. Total absence of electrical cables and pneumatic pipes that hinder maintenance and mould replacement operations.

Reducing spaces

Small size of the footprint, with simple, inspectable and safe connections between the two parts of the machine.

Easy human machine interaction

High definition touch interface, intuitive with icon dialogue system, essential information for immediate availability and levels of access customized according to the operator’s skills. Automatic optimization functions to simplify process set-up.

The cutting edge in extrusion

Cutting-edge technology for extrusion screws with high capacity for the use of recycled material and direct production waste material. Multi-cavity and multilayer extrusion heads with solutions for external control of weight levelling and quick colour change.

Competence in raw materials

Established technology for the use of barrier materials for aggressive products and food long shelf-life products (Nylon, EVOH). Research and development for the extrusion of bio-materials and high competence on materials coming from post-consumer (PCR).

Motion System

Motorizations with cutting-edge solutions, low energy consumption gear-boxes with automatic recovery of mechanical backlashes. Redundant control for mechanical units positions (“no crash”). Self-tuning devices to facilitate replacement in the event of a fault.

Alphamac machine portfolio

In response to the needs of players operating in different markets, Alphamac offers 5 different models of extrusion blow-moulding machines which are able to meet the needs of specific customers.

Sustainability as a priority

Energy saving

Alphamac technologies are focused and aimed at reducing energy consumption, which could increasingly burden on operating costs in the near future, risking to become a serious limit for the production industries.

Eco-sustainable raw materials

The bio-materials and the use of recycled and post-consumer materials are currently a problematic challenge, but they certainly represent an opportunity for those who will be able to seize it; with this approach, Alphamac is investing in research and development to propose technologies that can effectively respond to these new market needs.

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